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About us

Did you know...?
Food and wine are not the only things to make the difference in a Tavern, but also the lively peoples desire to stay together.
Come visit us to experience the authentic spirit of Verona conviviality!

La Piazzetta Restaurant

La Piazzetta is born with the imprint of the first two Osterie, taking a different direction: not a tavern, but a structure that serves traditional Italian cuisine with the spontaneity of an inn but with the care of a restaurant .


For here we decided to use elements and always fresh food and quality by setting up a food laboratory that produces all that we servein the dishes of La Piazzetta. That's why you should definitely try the experience of a lunch or dinner with us!

"You will taste something absolutely genuine and authentic, a modern revival

of the Verona food&wine tradition and history of Italian cuisine."

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