Summer 2021

Did you know...?
The modern food cooking techniques: low temperature and the use of vacuum systems help to preserve the nutritional aspects of food, enhancing aromas and flavors.
In Piazzetta we use them in many preparations.
Come to us and discover the incredible taste!

The Menu

Tris di polenta
Stinco di agnello
Timballo di lenticchie rosse
Tagliata di manzo marinata nel gin
Mousse al cioccolato fondente
Polpo alla plancha
Tris di dolci
Mousse di zucca
Maccheroncini all'Ortolana
Millefoglie di meringa
Guancetta di manzo all'Amarone
Spaghettini con tartare di gamberi
Tortelli di zucca
Gamberi steccati al rosmarino
millefoglie di baccala mantecato
Sbrisolona con zabaione
Vellutata di Broccoli
Selezione di formaggi
Risotto Amarone
Selezione salumi
Pasta e fagioli


Selection of cold cuts with artisan vegetable pickled vegetables (for 2 people) - 20

Selection of cheeses with mustards and dried fruit (for 2 people) - 20


"Amatriciana" scallops: tomato coulis, pecorino romano cheese fondue and crispy bacon - 16


Homemade mackerel marinated with wasabi, Jerusalem artichoke cream, radishes and crunchy nori seaweed - 15

Venetian quail roll with foie gras on agretti salad and currant coulis - 17

Beef tartare (90 gr) with burrata stracciatella, caramelized onion and pecans - 15

First Courses

Risotto with Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG wine (minimum 2 people - wait 20 min.) - 16

“Verona Cacio e Pepe” homemade bigoli (fresh egg long pasta)
with local cheeses and pepper and Lessinia black truffle - 16

Homemade pappardelle with white veal ragout, green asparagus and rapé pecorino - 16


Wholemeal spaghetti with white asparagus ragout, confit cherry tomatoes,

chopped pistachios and crusco pepper - 15

Homemade fettuccine with turbot, cardoncelli mushrooms,

smoked burratina and pea cream - 22

Main Courses

Grilled rib eye steak with roasted cabrette potatoes - 23

Suckling pig belly cooked at low temperature on sautéed bruscansi,
crispy polenta and port sauce - 18

Catch of the day with side dish - from 23

Wellington-style beetroot on roasted aubergine cream and celeriac base - 20


Lamb chops with crispy asparagus and French-style mashed potatoes - 25


Baked potatoes - 5.50

Large plate of grilled vegetables - from 10

Fresh mixed salad - 6.00


Our homemade tiramisu - 7

Pavlova: homemade meringue with whipped cream and fresh fruit - 7


Hazelnut sandwich, sablé hazelnuts and salted caramel toffee - 7


Three chocolate mousse on raspberry soulis - 7

Spring in the Enoteca: Caprese cake base, Bavarian strawberry cake,
fresh strawberries and Recioto della Valpolicella bonbons - 7

Trio of desserts: Tiramisu, Pavlova and Sandwich - 10